Haywood Knolls to Apply for Community Wildlife Habitat Certification

White Squirrel (photo by R. Roskoski)

The Haywood Knolls Association is proud to announce that the sub-division is preparing its registration application to the National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) to become an officially certified “Community Wildlife Habitat”.

Wild Turkeys
Wild Turkeys (photo by A. Armour)

There are only two other “Community Wildlife Habitat” designated communities in Western North Carolina and ours, when obtained, will be the first such designated habitat in Henderson County, NC.

With its abundance of animals, birds, and mature native North Carolina flora and fauna, Haywood Knolls is refuge for many species, several of which are endangered.

Many of these species can be seen on the Western North Carolina Nature Center’s website.

Woodpecker (photo by R. Roskoski)

The Haywood Knolls community believes that planting landscaping with the needs of wildlife in mind is of utmost importance because wildlife is enjoyed by everyone. Habitat restoration and maintenance is critical for our wildlife in this suburban setting where commercial and residential development has infringed on natural areas that wildlife need in order to survive. With mature vegetation, heavily wooded areas, numerous water sources, such as creeks, water gardens, and man-made small ponds, Haywood Knolls is on its way to becoming leaders in the Hendersonville area toward inspiring other developments to become registered.

Raccoon (photo by R. Roskoski)

We are pleased that the Henderson County Board of Commissioners supports the efforts of our Association. Click here for the “Letter of Support from the Henderson County Commissioners”.

Barred Owl (photo by A. Armour)
Black Bear (photo by R. Brand)