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at Haywood Knolls

A community located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Hendersonville, NC

Enjoy your dream home settled in a four-season reality

Welcome to our lovely Haywood Knolls community!

We think you will be as pleased with our neighborhood as are our residents. Our beautiful surroundings include the mountains with its winding roads, the mountain laurels and blooming dogwoods and daffodils in the spring. In the winter we prepare for lovely snow on the pines although many of us are glad we only have a few of these wintery, seasonal events.

The community has continued to prosper under the dedicated leadership of its owners who have lovingly cared for it for 40 years. We are thankful for their enduring willingness to participate in many different arenas, all of which influence our lives and the well-being of our properties. We encourage one another to be helpful neighbors and to participate in community activities available to all. There are small groups with varying interests who meet regularly and which enhance our living experiences as we choose to participate.

While the community is secluded on the side of the mountain, we are located within a short distance of good schools and hospitals, the Asheville airport, many outlets for social activities, and interesting shopping experiences that can be discovered out and about in the area, including the Hendersonville downtown area.

We encourage you to drive around the community to see for yourself why we are grateful to live here. If you are interested to learn more about Haywood Knolls, please continue to explore the website or feel free to contact me.

Association meetings & community activities
About Haywood Knolls Association


Haywood Knolls Association, Inc. is incorporated under the laws of North Carolina as a not-for-profit organization 501(c)(4). The Association’s operations are governed by a community-elected Board of Directors, which consists of four Officers and three Directors At Large. The Board meets quarterly.

Board members serve as volunteers and are not compensated for their service to the Association. The Board manages the budget and oversees contracts for grounds keeping, common area utilities, required insurances, and other services as needed. Additionally, the Board is responsible for identifying and carrying out community improvements and maintaining common areas.

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