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Being part of the Haywood Knolls community means interacting with people and families of all ages, with a wide range of interests, and yet also congenial surroundings for retirement. Located in the scenic low Blue Ridge Mountains, Haywood Knolls enjoys the four seasons without the rigors of northern winters or the heat of southern summers.

You’ll have numerous social activities throughout the year, many of them taking place in our beautiful common area, Newhall Park, that bring together all members for friendship and fun. Many of the community’s other social activities emerge from formal committees as well as informal interactions.

Haywood Knolls offers its residents numerous services and most of its roads are state roads. The annual dues residents pay to the Haywood Knolls Association provide many benefits to the members and help to ensure that the community remains beautiful and an attractive place to live.

Located in Hendersonville, NC, just 25 miles south of Asheville. Haywood Knolls has a great four-season climate, excellent county and regional health services,  recreational, cultural and educational opportunities, and close proximity to State and National forests and wildlife refuges.  Our community continues to draw people from all over the United States who want to become part of our community and way of life.


Newhall Park

The Haywood Knolls community’s common area, approximately two acres in size, was given to the Haywood Knolls Association in 1991 by the original developer Donald Thompson. The tennis courts in the park were built in 1981 when the first section of lots was released for sale in the subdivision.

Bordered on one side by Mill Creek, the common area also boasts a picnic area with tables and a several hundred foot trail around the tennis courts where many native North Carolina wildflowers can be seen growing in the Spring.


The common area was named Newhall Park in 1991 after Harvey Newhall, a Past President of the Haywood Knolls Association, for his legacy to the community. He always had a willing and enthusiastic hand in making life better for all the residents and encouraged others to do so as well. It is only fitting that Newhall Park bears his name for “service above and beyond.”

Haywood Knolls residents continue to maintain the park as a recreation area and a pleasant greeting to Haywood Knolls. 

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